Monday, June 24, 2013

We had 8 investigators come to church!!!! May 21, 2013

Hello everyone! How are we this week? Thanks for the emails sound like everyone is doing great! And guess what? The Easter package came!! Thank you so much! And that book with a time line of the Book of Mormon is so perfect. Every one that i read i think, "man i wish i just had a timeline of all this stuff" and now i do! So i think you read my mind mom. Thanks so much! Also dad so fun all those activities for the stake conference that sounds so awesome! And so awesome that you guys are focusing in on missionary work. It is so true that if we love the gospel so much, why wouldn't we share it with everyone who we know and love?! I am grateful for this time because i am learning how easy it actually is to just talk to people about the gospel. It is so amazing and it can bless so many lives. So that is so awesome that you all are focusing in on missionary work. And cant wait to hear about your talk!

We had a great week! WE HAD 8 INVESTIGATORS COME TO CHURCH! We were so thrilled. Gladis came with her whole family this week and they were the cutest thing all just sitting together. And her "husband" is interested in listening now too! The only sad part is it could take 3 months to get them married because her papers are in northern Guatemala. They cant afford to take a bus trip there and it is a difficult process that i dont really understand but i think overall it could take a while to get them married. so we are working on that! But she is so cute and has changed so much. In her prayers she always says please help me understand the hermanas and for my papers to work out so they can baptize me. so cute. she is definitly chosen and ready to be baptized. Also her sister Sara. We first contacted her sister and thats how we found Gladis. Sara is 15 and when we met her she had really dark eye make up, lip peircings and all kinds of stuff. But now she doesnt wear dark make up, she always asks me to braid her hair, she wore nice clothes to church and she took out her lip ring! it is just so awesome! we can see the change in the whole family. 

Last night we went to President Cuburs house for FHE and Gladis and her family came. GUESS WHAT- i talked to Gladis the whole way to the Cuburs house. This is exciting because small talk is a lot harder in spanish then teaching the lessons in spanish, so i was so happy! so yes a lot of success with this family. Also we have Jorge who has come to church 4 times now and he is so ready to be baptized and we are going to set a date today!

Okay i love conference talks. I read Elder Bednars talk again about conversion and how testimonies arent going to be enough to get us through the hard times. We have to be converted to the Lord and His gospel. I think it is really cool especially for the people here in our branch! They really have to be converted because they cant really be converted to the ward, the teachers or the programs of the church because they dont really know  how other wards are. Sorry i hope this is making sense but overall i am just trying to say that i loved the talk and i am working on be more converted everyday haha.

Okay something i learned this week in the scriptures that i took as 3 steps for success from Alma 5:13. 1 Humble yourself 2. Put your trust in God 3. Be faithful until the end. I have seen these things in my time here on the mission how important they are so yes those are my little 3 steps for success from this week!

Tell sister Jensen thank you so much for the cutest letter from the girls in the ward and also sister Johnson for the letter! She said Katie Rauch is filling out her mission papers! i am so happy for her! And i think that is all for this week! Again thank you for the package and mom thank you for all the flee advice haha i will be applying that this week. I have never had to many bites in my life i really should take a picture to show you guys haha. Que bendicion! I love you all so so much and pray for you every morning. I miss you all a lot but all this people need to know about the gospel! have a great week!!
love you all!
hermana skousen

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