Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Family!! April 23rd 2013

Hello!! How are you all? Its so great to read all your emails thank you! Sorry my subject titles are never very creative haha. So glad you made it back safe and had a good time in Hawaii! so fun. congrats again Brooke! This week was good i am starting to get into the swing of things and getting used to the schedule. So my companion and i are both new in the area so its kind of like we are starting from scratch but we do have some investigators who are starting to make some progess. We have taught a girl Ana twice and then for the 3rd lesson her husband was there too so that was a plus. We read Alma 40 and talked about the spirit world and then got into talking about the temple. They had a lot of really good questions and the spirit was so strong when we were talking about families. When i bore my testimony on eternal families i really felt the spirit and was just so thankful that we get to be together forever. I have been missing you guys so much but then i remembered that we get to be together forever and i need to bring the gospel to these families so they can be together forever too. So yeah the spirit was so strong and we are going back tomorrow so i really hope they did the reading and are ready to learn more. 
Okay so i am growing to love the Book of Mormon more and more everyday. I learn so much that i didnt even know was in there. I was reading 2 nephi 28 to 30 and it just makes so much sense why we have the Book of Mormon and how and why we should study it and everything. And also that i am teaching the people of Lehi makes it that much cooler. But yeah every page of the Book of Mormon just has so many cool things and i love it! 
My goal for this week is to not have a narrow focus and really enjoy every moment here. On sunday a counslor in the stake presidency came to our branch and he told us that they are going to assign 2 really strong families to come to our branch to help us out because we need some good leaders and teachers.So that is really exciting!
Okay yesterday we went to Antigua for pday and saw so many cool things and had lunch at this really good crepe place! you all need to save up so you can come here at the end of my mission because i cant wait to show you all these cool `places! Sorry my thought are kind of scattered but also we watched the Joseph Smith movie and the quote at the end of it is should we not go on un such great a cause. That just really hit me and made me think how this work is such a miracle and all these people need to know abnout the truth. So even when days are long and i have bug bites all over my body and i am so tired haha i try to keep that in mind that this mission cant be about me and that i need to bring this message to these poeple.
Okay also i read this talk and it is called the 4th missionary. You all should read it. It is pretty long but its worth it and i think it can apply to everyone in life not just missionaries! And could you maybe print it off and send it to me? sorry i hate to ask for things. 
But yes things are great here. I am glad to hear that everyone is happy and healthy. I cant believe the semester is already over haha time is going by fast! i love you all so much and think and pray about you often. Keep reading and studying the Book of Mormon! My testimony is growing everyday and i feel the help of the Lord. I love you all!!
Love Hermana Skousen

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