Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"The words just flow out." June 4, 2013

Hola familia! How are we all doing? So great to hear from you all again! I cant wait to hear all about your trip to Pittsburg it sounds so fun! send me pictures when you get back! and Brooke going to Thailand?! that is the coolest thing i have ever heard. We met some poeple on the bus from Japan and they were talking about Thailand for some reason and i had the thought that i should go there sometime in my life haha so Brooke lets go back sometime! Have so much fun and be safe and send me pictures!
This week was great over here in the mission field. We are working hard and i feel in the groove of things. it is so crazy how fast the weeks fly by. So our investigators... sad news Jorge, how was progressing so so good and always came to every activity and church and read the Book of Mormon, went to El Salvador for 22 days for work. We tried so hard to get him to get baptzied last saturday but he didnt feel ready.. so now he is over in El Salvador and we are praying that he keeps reading and finds the church over there. He gets back the week of changes so either hna garcia or i wont see him get baptized. but i have faith in the Lords plan for Jorge. One of us will see him get baptized and it will be a great blessing for him. Gladis is still awesome and progressing. i love her so much. we still havent made much progessing on getting her married so it could still be a while until she gets married. but she comes to church and all the activities and writes on little stickys in her scpritures and marks them like me and hna garcia and it is the cutest thing ever. i cant wait for her to get baptized and then be sealed to her family. she is an amazing lady. Also sara is awesome and i love her. She is nervous to repent of all her sins so today we are going to talk about repentance and the power of the atonement. OKay cool story. Sara and Gladis have been asking for hymn books but we didnt have any big ones and the distribution center is in zona 15 so its too far away.. but we asked hna gainor to bring back 2 the other day when she went to the temple. so we wrote little notes in the cover and gave them to sara and gladis. their faces lite up when they saw them and they were so so happy. it was the best feeling in the world. then when we went to teach Gladis a few days later her kids were all singing put your shoulder to the wheel. cutest thing in the world. Also the motivation for Jose Daniel ( her 8 year old son) so go to school is so he will be able to read the hymns. best thing ever.
Also hna Turley and hna Blandino had another baptism on saturday and i gave a talk on enduring to the end. i am so thankful for the gift of tounges because when i get up there to talk or bear my testimony of teach lessons, the words just flow out. i know with all my heart it is the Lord helping me. i am so thankful for the gift of tounges and his help everyday.
so i have been studying the conference issue ( THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING IT TO ME) and it is so amazing. Elder Hollands talk is just for me. I remember the day when i watched it and i was like a week into the field and i remember the feeling of satan attacking my faith and trying to get in my head and elder holland told me to "hold the ground i have already won and to lean on his faith" when he said that it hit me like bricks. and now looking back my faith has already grown tramendously. my testimony has grown so so much. i am so thankful for prophets and apostles. i lvoe them so much because i know they speak for God. We live in an amazing time when the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored. We have the blessing of the Book of Mormon and prophets and aposltes. Read the ensigns. study the talks and find things to apply in your daily lives. i know it will bless your lives so very much!
i love you all so much! mom dad and rach have so much fun in pittsburg! Brooke have so much fun in Thailand! be so safe! and meagan keep lovin life in Provo and Ryan and Shelby i love you both and hope your doing well too! the gospel is the best! i am so thankful we can be together forever! woo have a GREAT WEEK!!
Hermana Skousen

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