Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walk fast, contact everyone, be clear, invite, testify, promise blessings, and have confidence. June 18, 2013

Hello family! How are we doing this week? I am glad everyone made it back home safely and had so much fun on the vacation! 
This week was the best! WE HAD OUR FIRST BAPTISM! Her name is Paola and she is 19 and has a little baby Diana and her husband is a member but he is less active! But now they are all members and are going to be a strong family in the church and i am so excited! It was the coolest thing ever to see. She was nervous but excited and it was the best feeling ever. It is like a different kind of happiness that you cant describe because you are just so happy for another person to make these covenants with Heavenly Father. She had a dream Monday night that she was in white and in water and then her uncle had the same dream so that sold her. I am so happy that Heavenly Father prepared her to be baptized and we got to see this miracle. The Patriarch led the baptism and he did amazing and then me and hna garcia and hna Turley and hna Blandino sang the primary song when i am baptized. It was so awesome. So yes i am so happy for her! and i was going to send so many pictures home today but we left the house in a hurry and i forgot to bring my camera so i will send those next week! But yes we are so happy!
On Tuesday i got to do changes with Hermana Alvarado. She is one of the "Training Sisters" (there are 4 in the mission) and we do changes with them so learn how to be better and i learned so much! i was nervous at first because i was going to be starting all the lessons and for some reason that really scares me. But i prayed so hard the night before that the spirit would just fill my mouth with the words and that we would find all of our appointments. And Heavenly Father answered my prayer. It really was a miracle day. We invited like everyone to get baptized and literally all of our appointments were home and accepted our visits! and i learned so much from hna Alvarado. walk fast, contact everyone, be clear and direct, invite everyone to be baptized, testify, promise blessings and have confidence. She is an amazing teacher and i am thankful for the time i got to be with her.
Also we had our last new missionary training meeting! We got put with other new missionaries and had to teach trainers and president and the assistants walked around and watched us teach. haha when president was standing in front of me my mind was racing with everything i have learned but don't worry my legs were glued together with my feet flat on the floor (He is big on how you sit when you teach) and i read a scripture and i think it went pretty well haha. so yes that was great and this is my last week of training! changes are next week!
Lets see what else this week.. We are working hard on trying to find new people to teach. We still have Gladis and her husband who would get baptized today but they still have to get married. and Sara we are still working with her we are aiming for this weekend so we will see what happens!
Yesterday we has pday with the district and saw some cool places in Antigua and took so many pictures and i will send some next week! mom i was looking for Beth but i don't really remember what she looks like.. but i got my sweat shirt THANK YOU SO MUCH! and tell her thank you too! they came a great week because it didn't rain to much and it was BEAUTIFUL all week! I am so excited for you guys to see this place!
And now i think thats all for this week! I hope Brooke you had so much fun in Thailand and Ryan i want to hear from you so send me a quick email! Shelby too! and Meagan keep doing your thing in Provo! and Rachel good luck with your swim and dive meets this week! love you and dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY! i sent a letter so i hope it arrives soon! and mom i love you! okay everyone have a great week! The gospel is true and amazing and changes lives! oh and tomorrow Elder Duncan from the 70 is coming so we are all so excited for that! woo go missions! i love you all so much and i love talking about eternal families in lessons because i think about how i get to live with my best family ever forever! love you all!
Hermana Skousen

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