Monday, June 24, 2013

"I promise you that this will change you forever." May, 7 2013

Hello everyone! so glad to here that all is well. 

mom is a tennis champ!! woow way to go mom! so awesome! And yes on sunday we get to talk!! i will be calling from the Ganers house on there phone and it is free to the United States so thats so great! I think we will be calling around 1 or 2 but im not positive.. i will have hna ganer email you and let you know what time exactly. And we have 40 minutes to talk so i am so excited! 

Okay this week was great. President Brough is the coolest mission president in the whole world. We had interviews on Thursday and you just feel the spirit right when you walk into the room. He asked me some questions and gave me some really good advice. I told him i think the thing i have learned the most so far is the need to rely on the Savior. As i have been thinking about this it is so crazy how almost every scripture in the Book of Mormon talks about just that. Put all your trust and confidence in the Lord and He will carry you through everything. I have really been trying to make it a constant effort to always have a pray in my heart.I dont think i ever really understood that before. But now as i am learning that everyday i need the stregth of the Lord, whether it be physical strength to keep walking or emotional strength, He can take care of it all if we are constantly trying to have the spirit and have that prayer in our hearts. The atonement is amazing. I think we can even understand the depth of the Atonement and that is just so amazing.

So this sunday we had stake confernce and it was a historical conference because they split the stake in Chimaltenango. So now we are in stake Antigua. Pretty cool. The church is growing to fast. And guess what Elder Amado came! And when he walked in the back he shook my hand! woow! i love the apostles and prophets so much. And we had 4 invesigators there and so it was cool to tell them "look! everything we are telling you is true! look! there is a member of the 70!". haha. so awesome.

Another thing with President Brough - i told him how i really want this mission experience to strengthen my tesimony and change my life for forever. And he looked at me and said "Sister Skousen, i promise you that this will change you forever". He said "the second i stop worrying about that and just forget myself then i will really be changed forever."  I just felt the spirit so strong when he said that and it was so amazing.

Ana the investigator i have told you guys about is slowly progressing. She always does her reading assignments but she hasnt come to church yet.. so hopefully this sunday she will come. Her and her husband always have really good questions so i love lessons with them. Also one of our other investigators, Galdis told us yesterday that she is feeling the change in her heart and really has desires to pray and make good choices! we were so excited about that!

Brookes graduation annoucment came in the mail and it is THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Woo congrats again. So awesome! I am only a little nervous to get a wedding annoucment in the mail... but if i do i will be so happy too!! haha.
Okay so yes we get to talk on sunday. im so excited. So happy everyone is happy and healthy! i love you all soo much! The church is true!
love hermana Skousen

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