Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love the Book of Mormon!! April, 30 2013

Hello family!! how are you all? so great to hear from you! Had a great week here! learning so much its crazy but i am so thankful. So glad to hear that all is well at home i pray for you all everyday. Tell Wilsynn congrats and give her a big hug for me! Okay so we have an investigator and her name is Ana i think i told you about her last week. She is really postivie and always has a lot of questions so it really good. i love the lessons with her. but her family is all really catholic and she doesnt want to go against them so she is hesitant but i can tell that she know its true. Also we have been praying for miracles because we dont have very many investigators that come to church ever.. but this last week we had 3! 2 sisters and Jorge. We had only taught Jorge once and then called him sunday morning to invite him to church and then he walked in right before the sacrament! definitly a miracle. we were so thankful and then we taught him last night and he said he really liked church. We taught about the restoration and then about the word of wisdom and he said he would stop drinking coffee and didnt even ask any questions! i am really excited about him and i really hope that he continues progessing. Also we gave these two sisters Gladis and Sara they both really like everytime we come to teach and when we started teaching about the Book of Mormon sara was like oh i think i have one of those books in my room and she went and grabbed a book of mormon out of her room haha she said it was from her dad. so pilas. But not the problem with Gladis is she lives with her quote esposo but really they arent married so we will be working on that the next few lessons. So yeah we teach lots of lessons all day and walk like 10 miles haha proabably not really but  it feels like that and for our mission we have to contact at least 20 poeple everyday so we are always talking with poeple asking them if we can teach them!
so this week i realized again just how amazing the restoration of the gosel it. sorry i dont want to sound like a weird missionary but the restoation is so amazing and so perfect. I am growing to love the book of mormon more and more. I really learn something every morning when we study. It is so amazing and i cant wait to read the Book of Mormon so many times. Elder Bednar said to get a copy of just a blue book of mormon and right a questyion at the front and then find answers to that question all in the Book of Mormon and he said do it over and over and then you will have a library of books of mormon with all these different questions full of answers. haha i cant wait to do it!
I am learning how evey day we have to rely on the Lord. we cant to anything on our own and the Lord wants us the just turn our lives over to him and trust Him and he will take care of us. So thats what i am trying to do. I already feel a difference and the hand of the Lord everyday. 
This is difinitly a challenge but i am learning so much. I am thanklful for this oppertunity. I am so thankful for my loving family. Dad i am so thankful that you are always a worthy preiesthood holder for our family. I see all these families and everytime they need a blessing they have to call the branch president who lives like 20 minutes away and it just makes me thankful to have grown up with a dad like you. Family i love you all and you are all amazing. So happy to hear about Ryan and Shelbys talks. Sounds like they were so great! Thank you all for your support. The gospel is amazing!
love you all!!!
love hermana Skousen

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