Monday, June 24, 2013

Best Agenda Award!!!!! May, 14 2013

Hello how are you all? 

That was the funnest thing ever to be able to talk to you guys! i am so happy that everyone is doing well and that everyone was able to be in on the phone call. that was very fancy so i am very proud. So so good to hear all your voices and thanks for the encouragment and everything. And please tell Wilsynn i am sorry i didnt talk much to her when she was on the phone. Tell her to email me and tell her i am so excited for her to be in Guatemala with me! i dont think i will be able to see her because the CCM isnt in my mission and we wouldnt be allowed to leave the zone. But tell her to send me an email. i LOVE how many people are going on missions! The church really needs all these missionaries around the world and it is so awesome!

So i mentioned Gladis to you guys when we talked on the phone and she is doing great! We are happy about that. Still working on getting her married, but hopefully we will make progess this week. We had a lady, Poala, tell us that she prayed about the Book of Mormon. She said she felt the peace that we promised she would feel and the next morning when she woke up her first thought was the read the Book of Mormon. woo so awesome. and she came to church so we are so happy about that too. 

Lets see i think i told you guys all about my week on the phone but yeah i am doing great! We had zone training today and me and Hermana Blandino won Best Agenda award and won cookies! I was so proud of my agenda! haha

Okay so i finally figured out what the bus ride to San Lucas or Guate feels like. It is like tubing at lake powell! haha so we are winding though all these mountains and you have to stratigecally hold on to the seat in front of you in order to not fly into the person across the asile. haha so yes just imagine tubing at Lake Powell and then thats how the bus feels. haha so fun i love the crazy buses.

Everything is going good here. Still learning a lot and finding things everyday that i need to improve on. I am so thankful for the Atonement. Again it was so great to talk to everyone on sunday! Rachel how did the election end up? i love you and you are a rock star whether you won or not! Congrats to Jessie for having her baby! Have a great week everyone! i love you all so so much and pray for you all everyday!
Love hermana Skousen

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