Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Flea stuff is working!!!!! May 28, 2013

Hello family! How are we all doing? Great to hear from you all and i am so happy that everyone is happy and healthy. I pray for you all every morning. I cant believe school is already over and its summer time! Time is flying by. Cant wait to hear all about Rachels races in swim team and dive. You are going to kill it like always! And i am thinking about how tall rach is going to be when i get home and freaking out haha so awesome. And so FUN that you are going to see the Yetters! Send me pictures and tell me all about it!
SO awesome how fast the package got here!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was liike Christmas morning haha. I loved the cookies and Brownies. So genuis to put those in. And yes the shoes are all great! And i am so thankful that you sent them because the rainy season has offically started! rained for 3 days straight! so its a good thing that i have 2 black shoes now. i think i am going to save the brown ones for a couple more months. But they are all so comfy and perfect. Tell Wislynn to buy Clarks before she leaves. and every girl leaving on missions because it is worth it. And yes i think the flee stuff is working! haha i put the lemon spray on everything every morning and night haha i think it is working! and also the coconut and lavendar oil is healing all my scars too! so thank you so much! and all the candy haha i was so happy about everything in the package and so so thankful!
Okay so yesterday we went to Guate because i had to take a picture for my visa so we had to wake up at 4 to get on the bus at 5 but it was fun. i got to see people from the MTC and it feels like i saw them 2 weeks ago but it has already been 2 months! so crazy. But yeah Guate is so crazy. So many people, so many buses, people selling stuff everywhere and yeah very exciting.
So our investigators. We have a lot doing really good. So Sara is 15 and is the sister of Gladis. She is preparing to be baptized on the 8th so i really hope that that happens. We had an amazing lesson with her last night. We were in her little bedroom with the candle lit and the rain outside talking about Jesus Christ and faith. the spirit was so strong. I really felt that Heavenly Father was so aware of us as his daughters and i felt His love for Sara so strong. It was so amazing. It is the coolest thing being a representative of Jesus Christ. Also we have had some good lessons with Gladis. She always reads and has questions and is so awesome. I really hope that she can get married ASAP because i  really want to see her get baptized. I love her more and more each day. Also Jorge is doing good too. For some reason he has it in his head that he wants to be baptized in July so we are still trying to work on that. But yes we are doing good with our investigators. I am getting more and more comfortable and i feel like i can express all my thoughts and feelings pretty well too so i am so thankful for the gift of tounges. I really want to see a baptizm so i know that i just need to have faith and keep working hard. And the next time you guys go to the temple can you put Sara and Gladis Hernandez on the prayers role! thanks!
so yes we are doing great over in San Juan and San Pedro. I feel the help of the Lord everyday and i know that he is aware and loves all his chilren. We are staying busy and i am really happy! Thanks for your love and prays. I know that they help me everyday so thank you so much! Have a good week! and have a fun vacation!
i love you all so so much!
love hermana Skousen

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