Monday, June 24, 2013

I am catching up on Sister Skousens blog. This post is from April 16 when she had been in her first area for a short time.

Hello everyone! thank you so much for all the pictures! you guys are doing so many fun things! Brooke ahhh congrats. So proud of you. the pic are beautiful you all look great. Rach loved the bunnie ears and the AZ poster. So awesome! Ryano HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! hope it was great! I wish i had more time to really look at all the pictures because they are awesome! i want to see a pic of mom and dad surfing haha. 
Okay lets see this week we had our first zone conference. It was really great President and Sister Brough are really good teachers. and i am starting to understand almost everything so that helps too haha. One thing that president Brough did was had us read Moroni 10 and 2 nephi 33 and then asked us what are we going to be able to tell Nephi and Moroni at the judgment bar that we did with the Book of Mormon. I have been thinking about that so much every since he said that. I have made it a goal to really learn something from the Book of Mormon everyday and then also when i am teaching, share the Book of Mormon and tesifiy of its truth. Its amazing how the Book of Mormon is evidence of everything we believe. I think growing up in the church i never really studied the basic basic doctrine and every time we teach the first lesson it is just amazing how much sense everything makes and how perfect the gospel is. Eveything about the restoration and jose smith and the Book of Mormon just makes so much sense. So the tricky thing is to get the poeple to understand how obviously true it is haha.
We did have a few let downs this week. We had been teaching 2 poeple Omar and Carlos and at the 3rd visit they both told us that they didnt want to learn more about the church and they were satisfied with how their lives were right then. It is hard when poeple say no because we know how important it is for these people. But we did what we can and planted the seed so hopefully they get interested later.
We taught a girl named Gabby how we found on the street. She is the sweetest lady every and i cant really tell if she understands all my spanish or if she is just being nice. But in our last lesson with her she told us that she thinks we are an answer to her prayer. and i think she is absolutly right. It is just amazing how stong the spirit is when we tesifty of truth and share experinces and scriptures and everything. 
Okay so mom you asked about food and laundry. We eat breakfast at the house and then eat lunch with MariaElena a lady in the ward. She makes good food so it has been great. and then when we get home at 9 we just have a little snack and then go to bed because i am so tired every night i feel like i am going to die haha. And then there is a lady who lives right by us and she does our laundry every monday. 
Okay so sunday was an eye opener. We went to church with our little branch with only about 40 people. It was so weird. i led the music and sister turley played the piano and sister turley taught the gospel principals class. It made me so thankful and realized how blessed i am to have grown up in a huge ward with leaders who fulfill their callings and a huge young womens and everything. man it made us even motivated to baptize and try and get the rama a little bigger.
I think about you guys everyday and i miss you guys a lot but i am starting to get into a groove so its getting a little easier. Again the pictures were great and you all look fabulous. Everyday i am so thankful for my amazing family and for being raised in the gospel. Thank you mom and dad for everything you do for me. I love you so much. and i love Ryan Shelby Brooke Meagan and Rachel all so much too. I pray for you guys everyday. The gospel is true and i am so thankful that we are blessed to have it in our lives.
Love you all have a good week!
Hermana Skousen

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