Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Soaking wet and pretty awesome!!" June 11, 2013

Hello family! How are we doing this week? OKAY YOU ARE ON THE COOLEST VACATION I HAVE EVER HEARD OF! haha that is so awesome that you guys are seeing all those places and having such a fun time! the pictures are beautiful and you all look great. Kyla and Rachel are so old! ahh they are going to be even bigger when i get home! cant believe it! so glad you were all safe and had a great time over there!

This week was so great! WE HAD 14 PEOPLE IN SACRAMENT MEETING!!!! It was such a miracle and the coolest thing ever. We were so grateful and so happy. We found 2 families that live in the same house and they both have like 5 kids so we taught them twice and they all came to church! so awesome! now we are going back today and we are going to invite them to be baptized! woo! I really want to see a baptism so i am praying for a miracle haha.
We have still been teaching Sara and Gladis but we havent made a ton of progress with Gladis because she still has to get married. But Sara is progressing and doing good. We were planning on having her baptism this weekend but she drank coffee yesterday so we have to wait until the next week. I really want her to get baptized and just feel all the blessings of the gospel. The poor girl is awesome and wants to change and repent and i want to help her so bad. I want her to realize how special she is to Heavenly Father and how much He loves her. For me this is what always keeps me moving forward. I just think whatever happens in life everything will be okay because we are sons and daughter of the greatest being in the universe who loves us so very much. This is what always helps me and i just want her to realize the love he has for her and then things like breaking the word of wisdom and law of chastity wont even cross our minds. So yes we are working on that and trying the get her baptized next weekend.
Paola is awesome and so funny and i love her. Her husband is a member and they got married when she was 15. She is now 18 and has a baby. She is so happy that we found her and are teaching her. We are planning to have her get baptized this weekend. We had a FHE at her house last night with one of the missionary families from Antigua. She was so happy to have a real FHE it was to cutest thing ever. The spirit was strong and it was so awesome. 
So yes we are just working hard over here trying to be the best we can. It is SO BEAUTIFUL in San Juan i need to take pictures and send them. It rains everyday at about 4. The other day it was so hard that my rain coat didnt even help and my whole body was soaking wet haha pretty awesome! So yes thats all for this week! i love you all and i am so happy you had a great time on your vacation! Brooke keep having fun in Thailand and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I sang for you and gave you a big hug in my mind! I hope everyone is doing so well! And rach congrats on the 1st places! You are so awesome! Also i was thinking about the Bawdens the other day and tell them that i love them. And shout out the Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma! i love you guys! Love everyone so much! Have a good week!!
Love Hermana Skousen 

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