Tuesday, March 19, 2013

week 4 in the CCM Walmart never looked so good!!

Hello family! thank you for the emails. i love hearing from you guys!
Today we just had an awesome adventure outside the MTC. We went to a
stake center and played games and then WE GOT TO GO TO WALMART!! haha
we onlygot l like 20 minutes so we were all running around but it was
great. Then we went to the mall and eat luch at the food court. There
are so many Nortes now so we were this huge pack of missionaries
walking through the mall. It was a great sight to see!
Spanish is coming pretty good. For now i can mostly understand when
teachers are talking slowly. Hermana Koelher and i are getting pretty
good at teaching together in spanish so thats fun. This week we
continued practicing teaching our teachers and we also got new
investigators. We all got paired up with another Hermana in the
district and we are acting as people we know who arent members. I am
with Hermana Bond which i am soo happy about because she is so awesome
and a great teacher so i already have learned a lot from her. She got
baptized a little over a year ago so she actually is acting like
herself. So yeah i am teaching her acting like herself just about a
year ago. It is so awesome. The spirit is so strong while we teach
each other. I hope that made sense.. but this makes me so excited to
find people like her who are so ready to hear the gospel. It is also
great spanish practice so that is great!
Lets see im not exactly sure why we lived in casa 6but now since in a
couple weeks is Holy Week so many poeple are coming to the temple so
we moved to the CCM today. And i think we were over there because part
of the CCm was under constuction but now everything is opening up
tomorrow. And i think so many new missionaries are coming so its going
to be crazy!
Okay and yes my clothes are all great! i have made a list of a few
things that i need tho for when you send a package and you can send it
to the mission home because i will be gone by the time it gets here.
Man time has gone by so fast. I already see how my tesimony has grown
so much. I am so grateful to be here. Everyday i thank Heavenly
Father. I am surrounded by amazing people with amazing teachers and
the spirit is always here. I do miss you guys a lot but i am so
thankful for this oppertunity. We wartched the most amazingh
devotional from Elder Holland that he gave at the Provo MTC and let me
tell uou sdome of the highlights becvauser it really was amazing.
While pointing to everyone in the audiance he told us "Dont you dare
comine home without the gospel engraven in your soul." (wow gave me
chills even now just thinking about it. "When you come home yfrom you
mission you better continue to act like a missionary, look like a
missionary now and forever" "You are never supposed to go back to the
way you were. We want you to have seen more, loved more, learned more.
Even if you were terrific before, you better come back an even more
terrific you" "Pledge your heart and soul to this work now and
forever" "we expect at least one convert on your mission. YOU" and
then he pointed at us again and talking for the brethern he said "Dont
let us Down"
Man it was just all amazing. It gave me even more desire to be the
best missionary i can be everyday. He said we are all God
investiagtors in our own place along to road. We said if we want our
investiagotors to pray harder and read the scriptures more diligently
then God wants us to the the exact same things. Okay sorry it was just
a really good devotional.
I love you all so much and i am glad to hear the trip was fun! thank
you for your prays! i love you all so much! love hermana Skousen
okay some things i need... Sharpie pens(the thin pens that come in the
pack with all the different colors... My contact solution.. They didnt
have the kind i use at walmart... Maybe some perfume i dont know why i
didnt bring mine ha.. the lace sock liners we bought are so perfect
and if i could get a couple more that would be great.. a white binder
1 inch will be good. We get so many papers here.... okay and then you
dont have to get this one but Hermana Bond has these best journals
they come in packs of 3 at barnes and noble. They are about the size
of a spanish book of mormon. you normally find yhrn near the register
on ther own kiosk. pack of 3 soft cover, graph paper, cost is 12.95
she said.. haha thank you so much. I love you all so much!!

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