Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Great Week!!!

We look forward to getting these each week!! We Love You Hermana Skousen!!!!!!!

Hello family! how are you all? i am so excited to tell you all about
everything! sorry last weeks emails was short i wrote a letter and
sent all the details in the mail. lets see we just got back from an
amazing city tour! we went to this cool map thing that is like a life
size map of Guatemala and President Nicolysen told us where poeple
think everything took place in the book of mormon so that was so cool!
then we went to the market which is crazy. there are so many people
selling everything you can think of! there is a floor with every kind
of food with raw meat hanging all over the place haha it was awesome.
We got our cameras for the day so i took tons of pictures! after that
we went to wendy for lunch. Ordering in spanish was an adventure but
it turned out good. Then the best part of the day we got to go into
the plaza area and we found poeple to talk to about the gospel and
give them Books of Mormon that we wrote our tesimony in! the first
lady hermama koelher and i went up to didnt really care that much but
then we went up to a man named Juan and he was so sweet and nice and
right when we started talking to him he recognized us as people that
could help him. So he started telling us all about his problems and
how he has been sturggling and stuff. We werent really able to
understand him but we were able to bear tesimony to him and promise
him that if he reads the Book of Mormon he could find peace. It was the
coolest thing. He was so grateful that we talked to him.
Lets see the food is really good in the CCM we have tons of fresh
fruit everyday for every meal which is amazing and then different
types of meals everyday. I love Hermama Garrido so much! there are so
many amazing teachers here at the CCM I am so lucky! We had people
filling in for Hermana Gorrido on saturday, Hermano Estrada and
Hermano Lopez and i just learn so much from all these teachers.
For sunday school Hermama Bond, Belnap, Holland, and Hastings taught
about the atonement and literally the entire meeting the spirit was
so strong. I had been kind of getting down on myself for not learning
spanish very fast and then in the lesson I realized really how much I
just have to completely rely on the Savior and His atonement.
So sadly all the latinas left to there missions today. It was so sad
saying goodbye because i have grown to love them all so much. Funny
story, Hermana Fuentes came up to me and Hermana Hansen in the
cafeteria one day looking so excited and she says hi where are you?
hahah for a second we were confused but then we realized she was
trying to say hi how are you in english. hahaha i realized that that
is probably how funny i sound to them everytime i try and have a
conversation with the,. We took lots of pictures last night but i cant
send them home until i am out in the field.
I am doing so great! we taught a couple fake investigators and we were
able to get through the whole lesson in spanish. We had to read a lot
of our material but still we got through so we were really excited
about it! Okay i used to ATM at the CCM today and took about 30
dollars out i think so can you check on that and make sure everything
looks ok?
I am so gratful so be here. It is amazing to be part of this work and
to be surrounded by amazing teachers and missionaries. I love you all
so much! Rachel thank you for the letter you are the best! That is so
amazing to hear that you bore you tesimony at church! good job! and
Brooke and Meagan for the emails and mom and dad and everyone i love
you all! The church is true!
Hermana Skousen

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