Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter #1

We sent Mackenzie off on Tuesday night!!  Hard for all of us, but very exciting!!  Thank goodness she emailed us the day she got there so we could all calm down.  She is happy and very excited for her new adventure!

Hola familia!!!!! I have made it safely to the CCM! The flight was
great. I was by myself for about an hour in the LA airport and then
all the sisters from Salt Lake arrived. The flight to Guatemala was
good i was able to sleep the whole way. When i woke up the sun was
just rising so that was a great view to wake up to. We went through
customs and made it out of the airport where we met Miguel Salazar and
we got on a school bus and they brought us here! It is a beautiful
day. Definitly humid but very beautiful. The view outside the windows
of the CCM is the temple which is beautiful as well. We have 8 sisters
and 3 elders in my district. My teacher is Hermama Gorrido and she is
awesome and i can tell it is going to be so fun and she is going to be
great! She is a Guatemala native and she speaks spanish to us most of
the time and i actually can understand her better than i thought so
thats a plus. I am already having so much fun here. Learning spanish
is going to be fun with these girls in my district. Breakfast this
morning was a little rough. It was very interesting and aparently you
are supposed to eat everything you are given or the cooks will think
you dont like it and they will be offended, but the older sister with
us let us all put our left overs on her plate and she was a saint and
took the blame for all of us. However lunch was very good so i am not
too worried about it. We had a meeting with the MTC president and he
told us that every 2 weeks we get to go on fieldtrips to downtown and
to the mall so i am really excited about that. Also we will get to do
a few sessions which will be great as well. Right when i left you guys
it was pretty tough but i instantly felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost
so i hope you guys did too. I dont know how to shift down on this
computer so this is all one paragraph haha. I love you all soo  soo
much! I am having so much fun and its only the first day so i cant
wait to learn more. i dont have time to read over this so hopefully it
makes sense. when you respond send me dads email because i forgot it.
love you!!!! Hermana Skousen

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