Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 3 and loving the CCM

hello family! it is so great to here from you! i love pdays when i get
to read all of the emails! it is so great that everyone is doing well.
So fun that you are going to rocky point. we can go when i get back
and i will be able to help dad with all the translating. all is well
at the ccm. i love everyday. i have only been here for 3 weeks and
this experience has already changed my life in so many different ways.
tell the Bawdens i say hi and i love them! Tell the Tingeys that i
send my love and prayers. i want to see COP and Sam and all of them!
tell her to write me and send me a picture of the fam! tell robert and
jessica i say congrats. Lets see Rachel thank you so so much for the 2
letters! i will write back today! they make my day! tell everyone
thank you so much for the dear elders! we get them every week on
thursdays nights so it is the best when i get some. I love my
district. it is so great being surrounded by these amazing poeple who
have the stongest testimonies. i learn from them everyday. All of us
girls live in casa 6 which is inbetween i the temple and the CCM dont
worry there are like 8 security guards all along the path that we walk
everyday and they drive us home everynight. the house it super nice
and all the girls in my distrct sleep in the same room so we just have
a sleep over everynight. The food is really good so thats a plus ha.
Dad guess who gave the devotional last night! Brother Mask! at first
it didnt register but then we started mentioning Mesa and how he was
the temple presidetn and it clicked! so i went up to him after and
told him my name and that my dad was Mike Skousen and he said oh yeah
i know Mike he was the best seminary student! so yeah that was awesome
and he said to tell you hi. His devotional was so great about how it
is our privledge to be serving in central america and be teaching the
poeple of Lehi and how it is a blessing that we will be companions
with the Latinos. very good devotional.
Lets see on sunday me and hermama Koehler taught sunday schoool and we
taught about the atonement. i started by telling dads classic river
rafting story and relating that to the atonement and everyone LOVED
the analogy so that was great. thanks dad!
So our teachers Hermana Garrido and Hermano Bonilla act as
investigators Laura and Noe. So one of the lessons this week with
Laura we were teaching her about baptism and it was the best lesson we
have taught yet! it was so best feeling every. i was able to think of
the things i wanted to say in spanish and committ her to come it
church and everything. it was awesome. i know that the Lord if helping
me every step and i wouldnt be able to do this on my own. I am so
thankful for Hermana Garrido she is just the best teacher and i love
her so much.
I cant believe how fast time is going here. i love it so much. there
are definetly a lot of hard moments but the really good moments make
up for it. I love you all so so much. Thank you for the prayers and
love and support. I am so lucky to have a family that supports me and
loves me. I have met so may latinos who are the only members in there
families and they dont have anyone writting them. i am just so blessed
to have amazing parents and amazing siblings and friends and ward
family and everyone. i love you all! have a safe week!

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