Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Last P Day in the CCM!!

Hello family! so great to hear all the new updates! So fun that you
guys are heading up to Provo for conference and then to Hawaii! I cant
believe Brooke you are graduating in like 2 weeks! that is so awesome.
so proud of you! Im glad to hear Allys talk went well. i love that
girl and cant wait to hear from her in the MTC. My shoes are great and
i think they will all work out great when i am in the field. We get to
go to the temple every P day so we just got back and it was great. i
love the Guatemala temple. And I keep hearing amazing things about my
mission president so i am getting super excited to meet him next week!
i cant believe i am leaving the CCM in 6 days. I love this place and
my district and my teachers so it not going to be too fun to day bye
to everyone again but there are great adventures ahead!
Lets see this week.. did you guys hear there was an earthquake here??
We were out at deportes at about 4 and we heard this loud booming and
we thought it was thunder but aparently it was an earthquake haha. The
CCM is like one of the stongest buildings in the city though so no one
really felt it but still thats kind of cool. Also we got to go
tracting around the temple! so i wrote my testimony in a Book of
Mormon and we went looking for someone. We found the garnder and he
wasnt a member so we started talking to him. Hermana Koehler shared
her favorite scripture and i tesified of the Book of Mormon. I asked
him if he would read it and we had solid eye contact for about 15
seconds and he didnt say anything so then i asked him to read Alma 32
and he said he would read it! then i got to tesify again and promise
him blessings if he would pray to know that Book was true. I was able
to understand him for the most part so that was exciting. and then he
wrote his name and number in the planner! We were so excited!
One day this weeks we had coaching study with Hermana Garrido and she
gave us some great insight on being a missionary and on how we can
improve. Then in the closing prayer she asked Heavenly Father to help
us have faith in miracles. I just loved that line so much. We have to
have faith in everything we do and i am so thankful that Heavenly
Father knows all of His children by name and is ready to help us if we
ask in faith.
Guess what! last night for the devotional Elder Duncan came! (Kellys
dad) I was eating dinner and Hermana Nicolaysen came and got me and
brought me out into the hall and him and his wife and kellys sisters
were there. I got to talk to them for a little and it was so great. I
had never met them before obviously but it is still so nice to see a
familiar face from home! and the devotional was so great! he talked
about how God has a great vision of His work moving forward so we have
to have that same vision in every area. and also while i was talking
to him he said Did you know you have one of the best mission
presidents in central america? that made me so excited to meet him!
Tell the Bawdens i love them and also i am excited for Brother
Higginson! so awesome. Tell the ward and all our friends hi! i am so
happy you all are doing well. I am so happy to be here. i think this
is the best decision i have ever made but i miss you guys so much. I
am learning more about the scriptures and the Atonement and my
testimony strengthens everyday of Gods love for all His children. This
is such a great work. I feel so blessed to be born into a family with
parents sealed in the temple. Thank you for your emails i love you all
so much!
If you havent already sent to package could you print of Elder
Hollands talk The Miracle of Serving a Mission and put it in there!
also pictures of what you guys have been up to! and i think thats all
im so sorry packages are so expensive.. hopefully i wont need
anything. and my contact solution should last for 2 months or so so
dont worry about that. and can you make sure everything with my back
account is good? I love you all! and almost Happy Birthday to Meagan!
love you all so much and pray for you all!
Hermana Skousen

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